Carl Razazi's ADP Rich Media & Web Campaigns

My creative fascination continues to illuminate my career at ADP as I approach 3 years with the company.

ADP is a much-vaunted multi-national company with above $10 billion in revenue as of the latest market profile.

My determination to take ownership and over-deliver on compressed deadlines while exceeding client expectations as a Web Designer Associate paved the way to an out-of-cycle promotion to my current position as Web Designer I.

It is an extremely rewarding experience ensuring that our profitable OEM partnerships remain focused on growth and trust.

I am also impressed with the iterative improvements our landing and mobile page products enjoy due to learnings from our metric driven A/B testing.

This section provides a brief snapshot of some of the rich media and web campaigns that I have designed for the numerous OEM brands that ADP has partnered with.

In order to meet our internal compliance standards the rich media campaigns were also designed to integrate with our national dealer database platform by working within our tactical file size requirements.

I enjoy contributing to the successful launch of numerous national and localized promotions for our major OEM clients by working in concert with project managers and OEM brand contacts.

-Carl Razazi