Welcome to my portfolio! Throughout my 5+ years of professional industry experience I have combined an eagerness to learn with a fantastic empathy for compelling design solutions and collaboration.


During my time with CDK Global my professional growth enabled a promotion from Web Designer Associate to Web Designer I in recognition of my growing focus and responsibilities.

I enjoyed collaborating with strategists and project managers in a fast paced deadline-driven environment to ensure the best client experience. Mentoring junior-level designers and providing constructive creative design direction were also hallmarks of my focus.

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I designed fresh master UI layouts for the VW account that logically communicated the features and highlights of all VW models across desktop and mobile devices for the best customer experience.

VW corporate approved the new repeatable designs for their entire 9 model line-up and they proved to meet and exceed many of our Tier-3 campaign performance indicators.

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The MINI account needed a modern solution that could support our dynamic offer platform across mobile and desktop environments so that we could optimize our marketing efforts and delight the client.

The new desktop and mobile UI layouts I designed ensured dynamic offers were prominently visible while showcasing model trim and feature sections that remained compatible across all 8 MINI models.

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The Cadillac Season's Best Event is an extremely profitable period for Cadillac and I ensured the campaign exceeded client expectations at Tier-1.

I structured the focus of this Tier-3 campaign by aligning with the national campaign to highlight the attractive incentive offer while educating users with useful model information.

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My independent creative initiative pushed our HTML5 product forward by launching collaborative testing with the internal engineering team and network partners such as Solve Media.

I learned a great deal by hand-coding HTML5 ads with cross-browser compatible CSS3 animations for mobile devices.

Through collaboration with our account teams important metrics were then collected and shared with Tier-1 clients to enhance future campaign buy-in.

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I found this freelance opportunity and swiftly learned visual mobile app UI design from scratch. Payment was received once the client was completely satisfied and so my rent on Manhattan was paid :)

Primary user interactions included swipeable vertical menu systems that revealed more content and so forth. I can go into far more detail per request. Since this was more than a mockup everything needed to be pixel perfect so the developer could then work their magic.

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That familiar MTA announcement signaled the start of each day at my full-time paid design internship in the thick of the financial district.

I was brought on at the onset of a major re-branding focus at Forex Capital Markets shortly after the company went public on the New York Stock Exchange.

My focus towards attaining rich media skills lead me to work and professionally grow with the warm and intuitive professionals at Forex Capital Markets.

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The objective of these campaigns was to highlight the accessibility of trading on the foreign currency exchange by using FXCM products.

I gained valuable insight into the market strategy that was relevant to our target audience as I designed and animated numerous campaigns with clean and impactful messaging.

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I valued the fantastic opportunity to develop my design skill set professionally at Situation Interactive during my first full-time paid design internship in the neon-soaked heart of Manhattan.

The extremely dedicated creative and account teams kindly provided an outstanding agency environment that I thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with.

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Meeting client expectations on these highly visible accounts allowed me to familiarize myself with stringent brand style-guide standards and grow my design skills in a fast-paced setting.

I further collaborated with both web developers and senior-level designers to incorporate content such as body copy and key art for numerous microsites and e-card social campaigns.

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My paid position at The Observer helped secure nearly $2,500 worth of advertisement space per week. By working with the Business Unit Manager I ensured the advertisements met tight deadlines and my designs received client approval before publication.

For some extra context I have included a few brand identity concepts that I designed during my earlier years as a creative as well.

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